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Introducing Fenrir's Bite, the ultimate paddle for players seeking a winning edge on the court. This thermoformed racquet offers a powerful and controlled performance, allowing players to dominate the game with precision and finesse. With its great feel and extremely stable design, players can confidently maneuver the court with ease. The Fenrir's Bite is also extremely durable, making it the perfect choice for players who demand a high-performing and long-lasting racquet. Elevate your game to the next level with Fenrir's Bite and experience the difference for yourself.

Fenrir's Bite

  • Specs:

    Paddle Dimensions - 403 mm x 189 mm

    Core - PP honeycomb (8 mm diameter)

    Core Thickness- 16 mm

    Paddle Thickness - 19.5 mm

    Handle Length - 140 mm

    Weight - 230g +/- 5g

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